Grill Huts

Our Grill Huts have beautiful craftsmanship.

Grill huts are the 21st Century version of the “kota” – a structure used by the Sami Peoples of Northern Sweden, Finland, and Norway.

Traditional Scandinavian grill huts are a unique and versatile option for your outdoor space. It’s a great place to enjoy barbecue, spend time with your friends and family or just relax by the fire in Scandinavian style. You will be amazed by the cozy – yet spacious are within our huts.

These Huts make great additions to your property or for camping, hunting, entertaining, and more!

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Quality Wood

The cozy Grill Huts are produced from the renewable best quality Northern European Pines, which have been selected by the most modern log x-ray and automation grading technology.  The thickness of the wall is 45mm (1.8” inches). Our Huts are manufactured within the Arctic Circle.

The Pinewood is…

  • Light with regular texture, ensuring good thermal insulation and a pleasant indoor climate.
  • Flexible to use
  • Suitable for painting, therefore smooth coverage of the wood preserver and color is guaranteed
  • Dense with its own natural resists which protect it against rot and therefore more durable than spruce.


The Floor & Benches Inside

2808285ff99e7372161636eba8823a0eThe Grill Hut floor is made from the highest quality pinewood panels either of 18mm or 28mm thickness and is firm and even, providing a stable insulated base.

Each cabin has inside benches made from this excellent quality pinewood, which are perfect for relaxing in the cozy atmosphere. The cushions for the benches come standard and provide for extra comfort. Some of the benches can even be extended for sleeping.

The details matter



The entrance to our Grill Huts is a door made from multi-layer glued pinewood with a hexagon double glazed window. The door set consists of a door frame, a door leaf, hexagon window, adjustable hinges, a lock and wooden handle. The door frames are made from 65mm pine.



Our Grill Huts have double glazed windows, which ensure light transmission into the cabin and minimal heat loss to the outside. Windows maintain hermetic characteristics and give long service life.


The Roof

  • Durable commercial grade
  • Flame retardant
  • Protects against the suns UV rays
  • Minimized heat loss
  • Impervious to rain, snow and hail stones
  • Resistant to wind, frost and moisture
  • Maintains long-lasting color
  • Insulates from rain and hail stone noise
  • Resistant to mold, moss and fungal growth


       Bunkhouses add more space to give your grill hut a more luxury feel. Turn it into a private bedroom, children’s play area, an office or reading nook! The possibilities are endless with this added space!

       Also available is the sauna attachment. Perfect for any season! Stay toasty warm throughout the winter, or escape to relax during cool fall nights.

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  • 4000-2
  • Cardiff Exhibition Stand 2013
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  • Medium Lodge with Extension (2)
  • Medium Lodge with Extension Internal View
  • Small Garden Room - Interior with Catering Pack
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