Muskegon Lawn Care

Muskegon Lawn Care

Commercial Services

muskegon-lawn-careFrom small storefronts to multiple acre lots, we can ensure your lawn looks great. We have the equipment and manpower to handle any lawn care task, including mowing, weeding, landscaping, leaf clean-up and irrigation installation. We use only top quality Exmark and Toro commercial mowers to ensure a precision cut every time.

Residential Services

Preferred Lawn Care is the right choice when it comes to taking care of your lawn. We take extra time to make sure your lawn is maintained properly and looks it’s best. Weekly cuttings start at just $25!

Services for both Commercial and Residential


We at Preferred Lawn Care can handle cutting any size lawn. Our staff is fast, courtesy and treats every lawn with respect.

Spring / Fall Clean Up

From leaves and sticks to other yard debris, Preferred Lawn Care is able to clean it up quickly. Our staff takes pride in every job we do and you can be assured we will take pride in any job we complete for you.

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